Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AFTER: China Hutch

This china hutch is now a huge focal point in room.
How did we chose green for the cabinet you ask? WEll, I went shopping keeping in mind all the stuff Lona had to use. Leather furniture, Red plaid chair, and couch you see here, pictures that have red barns, and green grass, (hint), I seen lots of country decor and a bowl of green apples.
Well I came across these pillows, furthest to the left, had all these colors and fit the Country Cottage look I wanted. I pitched the idea to Lona, she loved it. Little hesitant on red walls, but, she trusted me and as you can see it worked out beautifully!
So we went shopping together and found this table and mirror the perfect green apple color and she bought it, perfect so we have that by the door, notice, pullin color around room is key. The pillows have a hint of green, the pictures on wall, apples on table, plants, and then the hutch in other corner.

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