Friday, January 16, 2009

I did this condo in the Rustic Style

I took the rust color on those to upper blocks, we went shopping and bought canoe, and I requested she bring in some plants and an armoir on right side of fireplace. On patio door, I picked out sliding panels, they were faux leather look in several shades of brown. Keep in mind, when I am done with a client the room isn't completely finished at the time of my pics, I have several clients going at once, I order things for them and stuff comes in different times and sometimes I don't get the final picture. But trust me, I don't leave until the client is happy and I feel good about what I have done..

Rustic Style condo take 2, notice layout of both condo's are the same, just different styles

when I got to this condo, it also had all white walls, as you can see, they love the lodge look. I helped them pick out window treatments also. Went shopping and found a great store to add some finishing touches to this beautiful condo. We finished the upstairs with some warm colors in each room also.

Another view of the Modern Style condo

Here you can see I put the blue from the couch on that back wall to pull that color around this big open room, it unites both areas then. The stainless steel refrigerator, gave me the metal of choice for all hardware through that floor. The dark dining room table which is a cafe table pulls the black from the living room.


The color I chose, is a slate gray on those back walls, to show dimension I put black above the mirrors, the wall to the right is black, yes black! Took some convincing, but wow, did it look great with that blue couch. Later after this picture was taken I had bought two frosted glass crudenzas, (dark brown in color, with stainless steal hardware) to put underneath each mirror, very sharp lookin. I used different shades of gray in kitchen and hallway that goes up the stairs to show dimension in the room also.. Her rug in the middle of the room had circles in it of different colors, blue, black , brown, and a very deep purple, so we popped a leather chair in the room also. The other colors in rug were brought through the room with vases and plants... another happy client!

Brand New Condominium I did last year in Modern Style, BEFORE

I love workin with a clean slate, this was fun, I picked out paint colors for all rooms in condo, picked out all window treatments also on both floors, bought those mirrors @ an incredible price, I shop for many clients at once, finding great deals for each client. These were $200.oo mirrors I got for $25.oo a piece, patience and lots of shopping time, but, it always pays off. My client had bought this furniture before I got there and wanted me to work my magic with it... how fun is that...

This is a lot of work, but, so worth it in the end. Can't wait to show you the results. This client started out with all white walls.. I accented as you can see with a green apple color, modern design, leather furniture, carpeting, new curtains, and this is where Decorating on a Dime comes in, I had them go in the basement and closets and show me things they had bought but did not use cuz they didn't know where to put the item, they were amazed how much new stuff they didn't have to buy, I was able to use a lot of stuff, they had in the closet and basement, the house is finished with there style....not mine. That is the way I like it... I want your house to be all about you!

Bottom of Hutch

This has glass doors on top, just beautiful!

This is and old hutch I showed a client how to antique

This started out the very glossy dark brown, I had them sand it , then we banged it with some chains to make it look older, I added that decorative piece in the center bottom and had them paint over it with same color, then scuff up paint then stain over the whole piece, it looks georgous. I will try to get a finished pic soon.


I have a lot of people asking about what length to go with curtains. I love to go as long as I can with a curtain, with certain styles, you can even puddle the curtain on the floor. Years ago, you would of never heard of that. But, now you do, it is very classy with modern styles... curtains, come in mostly 84" long or 93" long, I like to make the eye travel as far up as we can go and all the way to the floor with whatever length you chose. It really shows the height of the room. Some people tend to decorate all eye level, I don't, with all these big houses being built these days, we must think big. Take a ruler from the floor up to 93" or whatever size you chose and mark there and that is how high your curtain rod should go. Hope this helped.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What color should I paint my room?

Well let's see, lots of things to consider before chosing paint colors. What's on the floor, what color are your big ticket items, such as sofa, chairs, curtains? When I chose a paint color for a client I make sure the color I put on the wall compliments all the big ticket items. I like to make them stand out in the room, especially because that is where you spent most of the money.

Hanging Pictures and what size to use in what space

I recently had questions on hanging pictures. I look at the space between ceiling and the sofa, or table whatever you are hanging the picture above, and I center the picture between the two. Now, people have a tendency to use too small of pictures in rooms, look @ the space I mentioned that you have room for, the bigger the picture, the bigger the area looks, or, hang lots of pictures, even throw in a mirror in the collection, to make a unit, remembering , when hanging multiple pictures, hang them 3 finger widths apart, when a person decides to hang pictures to far apart, it no longer looks like a unit, the eye travels from one thing then to another, therefore not looking like a unit.. Another thing to remember, stand back and take a look at the space you are trying to fill. Is it more wide than tall, or more tall than wide, use wide pictures in wide areas, don't put tall pictures in wide areas.