Thursday, March 12, 2009

BEFORE: Daycare in a Garage

This is an actual garage turned into a daycare, what a great space! The garage door goes up on good weather days, they have a huge screen going across the entryway to keep children in. She wanted me to declutter, organize, update new color choices and rearange furniture. I gave her the idea of having her husband build a changing station, with a diaper changing table to her heighth , no more bending that many times in a day. and I told him how to make little cubbies for each childs diaper bags or back packs. He did just so and they love it. You see that table runner on her table, that is what I decorated around, she loved all colors in it and I ran with that, changed window treatments to bring in more light, and show more of her great view in the country. Painted the garage door the color of walls so the door wasn't a big eyesore. Changed up metal brackets to match all other hardware in room, and tadaaaaaa, paint , new changing station/storage, valences , futon cover and its all done..take a look at the after, what do ya think?

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