Monday, March 9, 2009

After: A snack bar by pool. Most popular place now!

Take notice the center post, I picked up these old porch posts on side of road on garbage bulk days, they were Free, my favorite finds. lol (remember Decorating on a Dime) Look on each side of opening we put the half posts I found on the sides to draw interest and I think it added that extra touch it needed. I found some old cast iron shelf supports for underneath the bar, I found these in basement when we bought the house. The bar top was found from my husband, it was a second, meaning it was scratched or dinged up, so he got that for me and I sanded it, and put a heavy duty polyurethane that they use on boats on top, 3 layers to be exact.... Stinky stuff I tell ya.
For seating, I had been collecting milk cans, yes old rusty milk cans, probably paid next to nothing for them, went and bought some stool cushions and walllla, seats that can handle wet swimsuits and spills The bench you see in front was givin to me years ago, used it as a coffee table at one point if I recall, then was stored for years, well, look how nice it works here. lol
On the floor I put and indoor outdoor carpet, made just for outside wear and tear, it can handle drink spills and all. As far as Decorating walls, we brought in some old school memorabilia from Rusty, Chad and I and Sammi Jo's college softball stuff. We used Sammi Jo's college discount on Beer pitchers( we of course use for soda) ;) that sport her college name. Very cool! Plus some drinking signs we found at a clearance store that match our liking.
We have a refrigerator in the room for soda ;) and storage for food to keep critters out.
This has become the most popular place to hang out and play cards or just visit if you don't feel like sunbathing or swimming.
We have to replace deck in front of snack bar this year, that should be a fun project, I am trying to come up with something unique other than just deck boards, maybe I will paint a design on the deck or use some different materials.
I am putting up an awning for that extra beachy feel and hopefully find some old shutters for shutting up at night or on bad weather... I will post more pics when I get more of this project done..Isn't it cool? Love it!


  1. Finally, another post! This is awesome Jean! It's an amazing change. Do you guys sell fudgesicles? It kind of reminds me of the snack shack that used to be at County Park when we were kids.
    I know where I will be hanging out when I'm home this summer. Just leave the gate open, I'll find my way in!! Do you have a hammock??

  2. Ok, done deal. Be happy to have you over. No, to the hammock, but, yes, to a lounging bed to the far right on deck. Veryyy comfortable! Glad you liked it!

  3. Ok, I'll have to send you a picture of the awful space we have in our backyard, that I think used to be a storage space for like a hose, rake, etc. and I think used to have doors. I don't know what to do with it and Steve just shoves the leaf blower and his table saw there where everyone can see it. you can give me ideas. What do you charge for a consultation fee?

  4. let me see some pictures, and we will go from there :)

  5. Hey Jean, That is really cool . Do you have any more pics of the project? I really like it, Just one question...can the chickens still use their door and enjoy a nice Margareta after a cool swim.

  6. TheBakeryBox-ChrissyMarch 10, 2009 at 9:07 AM

    Yeah! Another Post! I'm glad you posted this- because I saw the transformation first's awesome what you did with the place! Can't wait to bring Ian over for a swim!

  7. Fantastic Jean!!!! It's a wonderful area and it turned out awesome! Can't wait to get back down there to enjoy that pool again :)

  8. Looks like a great setting for parties!

  9. Thank you all for your kind words: Yes, John anybody including a chicken can stop in for a Margarita. Chrissy, I can't wait for Ian to come over and swim.