Thursday, March 12, 2009

AFTER: The Markesan Regional Reporter Office

I had took this color on walls from the sign on there front window. The sign I made and painted for them to resemble the front page of there Newspaper with the redline underneath the title. The pictures I hung are front pages through the years they had published. I shifted the desk to the right of the room, making it more welcome and easier for the employees to access to the back where they work also. I talked to owner of building and recommended they put in carpeting, this building is old and cold. lol He happen to have some he wasn't using, I called an installer and it was done. I painted the trim around room , decluttered , organized office space and went to an old building they had with all paper press antiques. I rummaged through them and brought some old stamps, paper cutters, ink cartridges and used them for displaying on front shelves. Great conversation pieces for clients to enjoy when they come in.

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