Monday, March 9, 2009

Before: A storage room, slash years ago a chicken coop!

Ok, this is on our pool deck, looks kinda of blah, wouldn't ya say? I have been wondering what to do with this boring site of the pool. There is this little room attached to the car part of the garage that used to be an ole chicken coop. Look at little door to the right of the big door. A Chicken Door! lol.... We have been using this room just to store garden supplies and pool supplies in since we bought house.
One day just lookin for another project to do, I said, "Hey Rusty", oh, he tends to run when I say those "What's up now, he says", I just thought of something to do today, that storage room we do nothin in can be used as a snack bar for the pool, all we have to do is get the saw zaw out, cut out the windows, you have that old countertop I can use, I have posts, lets do it today", lol.... Rusty was gone in a flash, for some reason the car had to be filled with gas, he wanted to get the mail,,,,lol....... " Sounds like a great idea Jean", but when and how long will it take.. " well lets find out, I am starting today" .
Rusty left to get mail and etc. probably just driving around, lol, by the time he gets back, I had the windows out and the saw zaw out and the demolition begins.. he couldn't believe it when he came back...the most important thing is: He loves it now! We still have some work to do to finish things up, but, it is very useable now! We love it! Look at the After and let me know what you think!

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