Thursday, March 12, 2009

This was July of 2004, when our garden was chose to be in a garden walk where they pick like 6 houses from Markesan and people pay to come see your garden, it was a neat experience, I got lots of comments,which inspired me to do more, such as in the background to the left of the playhouse is old window frames I hung on posts for morning glories to climb up instead of the common lattice. I use an old high chair cutting a hole in the seat big enough for a pot to go in and hang that on a wall also. I used an old odd shaped tree trunk to put pots on in different heights in garden, I have an old water pump with a stone pot beneath as a bird feeder, which is frequently used, I use old wooden boxes for puttin different levels on deck, and antiques inside mixed in with plants to draw interest. I decorate this backyard as an outside extension of the house.
The memory garden they are speaking of is to the left and right of stairs, I had grown different plants or shrubs in memory of my father(Joe), my brother (Jim) my sister (Judy) my other brother (John) and my nephew ( Jason). It's my way of celebrating there life as time goes on. I don't like going to cemetary's so I cherish them this way.

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