Friday, January 16, 2009


I have a lot of people asking about what length to go with curtains. I love to go as long as I can with a curtain, with certain styles, you can even puddle the curtain on the floor. Years ago, you would of never heard of that. But, now you do, it is very classy with modern styles... curtains, come in mostly 84" long or 93" long, I like to make the eye travel as far up as we can go and all the way to the floor with whatever length you chose. It really shows the height of the room. Some people tend to decorate all eye level, I don't, with all these big houses being built these days, we must think big. Take a ruler from the floor up to 93" or whatever size you chose and mark there and that is how high your curtain rod should go. Hope this helped.

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